Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fishing for More

To make up for the lack of posting, here's my most recent project that I'm sure I've shown most people. This was a contest to design a poster for FIT's Graphics Printing Lab. I know all rights go to them if it wins, but I'm not selling it. Here's the final without the information I needed to put on it: (click to enlarge for better viewing!)
Here's a close up

And here are some sketches prior to making the final:

Here is my rendition of the classic Taxi Driver movie poster: Its for my Digital Imagery class. I felt like it needed to be more plain than bloody because the movie was graphic enough.

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Sofia said...

NEMO- was my initial reaction but after close examination I've realized your link between the "clown fish" and the circus. haha a-doiiii.. It looks pretty f'in amazing Karkay! You rock my socks off- O.O