Thursday, March 12, 2009


I feel I need to start posting about my process in design; more for myself and evaluating how critical I can or need to be about my work. After several weeks of intense analysis of type I realize how having a fortified development process for whatever I do is beneficial in all senses. Here are some lock ups of a new logo I'm working on for the International Rescue Committee:

Here, I'm trying to achieve maximum ledgability.
If you can tell the differences between these two,
I commend you.

Before I came down to using Franklin Gothic for the logo type, I went through hundreds of fonts and typefaces (as some of you have seen). This is the culmination of 5 weeks of research and its only the beginning!


Tom Calabrese said...

letter "R" in rescue is wider on the edited version.

. said...

i agree with tom.

Hunter said...

I think they meant to say the letters R, S, C, and U are wider in the bottom version.

Kar Kay said...

goes to show that attention to detail reigns supreme! nice noticing that little note, hunter

nolanc said...

wow. you really gridded the hell out of the words. the spaces in between in international is a nice touch. looking forward to the collateral.