Monday, April 16, 2007

King of Kowloon

The "King of Kowloon." This man is amazing, even though he may be a little crazy. Tsang Tsou Choi is an 83 year old "caligraphy graffiti" artist who lives in Hong Kong. He writes on any surface he finds, claiming he is the King or Emperor of Kowloon (a region in Guangdong, Hong Kong). He is a really interesting man. I am working on a book showcasing some of his works and his story. This is the cover so far:

Tsang Tsou Choi working (photo courtesy of some website)

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Melissa Ling said...

kar kay, maybe he's just crazy and people are giving him more credit than he deserves. Then again that's what they said about Jesus.

Jane said...

It's always so odd seeing graffitti in other languages, especially ones that aren't roman alphabet based.

Jae said...

ling, thats obvious, but i agree with jane ;]. Also , i met a first generation writer (70's) in sunset park who writes DUKE 9. He has been trying to study the root of what he does for a long time. He tracked it down to china...while he was in china he discovered a evidence and documentation of a two guys going over eachother on frieght trains and streets. To his suprise it was duke vs moon crossing out eachothers character circa 1920's.
The history of wall writings via cy twombly will lead you to italy but their is a difference between scribbling on the wall because you're bored and scrabbling on the wall with intention.
In short, i would like to paint with the king of kowloon, who can arrange this?