Wednesday, April 25, 2007

KoK Book Progress

After a week of procrastinating on the King of Kowloon book I have this to show:

I've been feeling pretty dull recently, and I think I need to spice this blog up. Its too serious, so...

in celebration of the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl!! Gotta Poach'em All!


Jane said...

oh god... what's richard's attack? spit attack??

Melissa Ling said...

worst pokemon ever

Hunter said...

That's probably the most hilarious pokemon fanart I've ever seen. If you could even call it that--

I splurged and bought a DS lite so I could play it too. The last one I played was... yellow?

Nice pages too, man. I want to start doing stuff like that... but not 'till next year for me :/