Monday, July 30, 2007

Artsy Farmers

Each year farmers in Aomori, Japan grow crop art from their rice fields. Every year they grow a different image and pattern. They plant purple and yellow leaved plants in certain areas to create the images. Some are grown skewed so it will appear normal at eye level. This beats crop circles any day! You can see more here.


In other news, The Kowloon Emperor has passed away recently. His last artwork lies beside him on his death bed. His work is being photographed and collected for display in Russia(?). I've researched his work and his life so it saddens me to see him pass. Even though he may be crazy, he was always popular with the residents of Kowloon and street artists of the world.

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RC said...

cool farms. but the kowloon emperor passing away is very depressing. He will be remembered.