Saturday, August 4, 2007

Adventures in 'Nowhere Land'

For the past few Saturdays, I've been visiting Queens with my family. My sis has been seeing an acupuncturist who 'many' 'claim' to be 'good.' So while waiting for my sis to get stabbed, and cupped with small glasses that leave a hickey mark, I took the opportunity to take some photos. However, this is all I got:

Besides the scorching heat and mundane similarities, Queens did provide some amusement for this curious Brooklynite!

Only in Queens will you find corn stalks growing on the sidewalk.
And the corn doesn't even look too great...

Big cups of noodles on edifices are a plus!

And apparently A Vegetable is a popular Tiwanese cuisine.

This is a giant billboard on the bridge overhang on Main Street. It made me sigh and chuckle at the same time...

(I found the desert photo on google somewhere, so don't sue me!)

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Jane said...

Wow, you've updated SO much!! That's really awesome, you've gotten really good at keeping it up. Kudos on the great pictures and stories!