Monday, August 6, 2007


One of my favorite shows is coming back SEPTEMBER 24, 2007!!!! Mark your calendars! The show will air at its normal time Monday nights at 9pm, and will be online for your replaying pleasure! The first season is also coming out on DVD August 28th! I would die to get my hands on that box set! I also watched the Comic Con 2007 panel for Heroes in which many of the stars sat down to answer questions! It is seriously funny, seriously informative, and seriously long! The videos are up on Youtube, but are sectioned into about 7 parts! You can catch the whole panel here (thanks goaliejedi35!) There is also a video with the preview of Season 2 floating around on Youtube, but the quality is not to die for! I'm so excited that every sentence needs to end with and exclamation!!! I CAN'T WAIT!! I now have something to live for!

Here are some links to get you pumped!:
Heroes Season 1 DVD (for all things HEROES)


Melissa Ling said...

Kar Kay, you have more in life than Heroes to live for (coughttheofficecough)

Jane said...

oh man, that was so awesome. i can't wait to read the graphic novel!!