Monday, August 27, 2007

WHAT!? (Updated)

Here's a little device for you geeks out there. This is the new Logitec MX Air Mouse. Yes thats right, an air mouse. Think of it as a remote control for your PC, or a black Wiimote that controls your cursor. You basically hold it in your hand and move it around while the sensors inside detect its movement in 3-dimensions instead of 2. So there are "new" possibilities for programs to include movements of going back and forth, and up and down. I can't help but think this will make a lot of customers really tired. But it includes all the functions of a regular mouse minus the mouse pad. It also includes a Volume button, a Back button, and a Menu button. The price tag is unknown, but if you want to work that right arm of yours while browsing the internet everyday, grab one!

Its about 9:40 am and I'm in the computer lab at school. The first day of the new semester has begun and it seems like my professor decided to take the day off. I'm pretty pissed that I had to wake up at 6 this morning to get to class. However, the free time has allowed me to browse through FIT's new system. They seemed to have gotten all upgraded iMacs, not to mention the Adobe CS3 Creative Suite! Its completely awesome. To my surprise, Adobe has bought Macromedia, so they've included Flash, Dreamweaver and a variety of other new programs. I've been drooling over the new stuff all morning, and I think I will be getting the new Creative Suite.

The Master Edition is a whopping $2500!

However, list price is about $1799! But for us students, we can get it at a hefty $389! That includes CS3 versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Flash, Dreamweaver, Bridge and a few other programs. I think thats a bargain in my book! If some of you are interested I can purchase the suite through FIT and we can all share... or... I may have some sources for getting it for free! Hit me up if you guys are interested!

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